About Us

Welcome to Johnnie Kearney Authentic Wear - your number one source for all authentic apparel. We are dedicated to giving you the absolute best experience when it comes to purchasing apparel. Our primary focus is to give customers clothing with that is authentic, original and spiritually superlative. 

The company was founded in 1995 by Johnnie Kearney, Jr., and later established in 2020.  Johnnie Kearney Authentic Wear has come a long way from its beginnings with Johnnie drawing sketches in high school.  When Johnnie first started out, he dreamed of having his own clothing line that was authentic and spoke to his spiritual experiences and passions.   This dream has turned into a reality with Johnnie Kearney Authentic Wear.  


A Message from our President and Chief Creative Officer:  

Thank you for visiting our website.   I hope you enjoy our wonderful products as much as we have enjoyed creating them.  When I was young - around 12 or 13, I would always say I was going to have a clothing line one day.  At the age of 15, I created what is my signature JK logo and started to draw sketch works of clothing designs.  My thought at the time was to create clothing that was original, authentic and showed a part of my personality.  However, life went on and has been remarkably busy, but I never forgot about my dream.  I would go on to accomplish many goals, Johnnie Kearney Authentic Wear being one of these goals. My faith is a top priority in all aspects of my life.   I am happily married with a lovely girl and three dogs (two cane corsi and a maltipoo). 




The Authentic Wear Mascot Bear

Growing up my nick name was Teddy Bear.  Even before my current height and weight I have always been called Teddy Bear.  As I got older, Teddy Bear end up being Bear, Uncle Bear, Papa Bear and even Elder Bear.  In creating a mascot for the clothing line, I asked an artist to draw a picture of me as a bear and amazingly the Johnnie Kearney Authentic Bear mascot was created.   I used a Rubik’s cube as a visual aide to speak about the complexities of life but with the correct guidance, even the most complex challenges can be solved.   Therefore, I asked the artist to draw the bear with a cube.    


The Madison Collection:

Johnnie Kearney, Jr.’s daughter is an aspiring artist and loves to paint and draw. She was happy and supportive for her dad to establish his clothing line. Therefore, he created the Madison collection.  The patterns of the Madison collection are drawings and artwork that Johnnie’s daughter created.